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On December the second of 1940 the United States and the United Kingdom clinched a deal. In exchange for fifty destroyers with which the British government could fight Hitler on the high seas, the United States was granted land in a number of British possessions, for the purpose of establishing naval or air bases on ninety-nine year rent-free leases. One such base, Beane AFB, lies on the western coast of St. Lucia.

It was quite natural, of course, for the pilots at Beane to be on alert that October night given what had just happened in the Pacific. It was similarly quite natural for them to scramble all their jets immediately when the two-hundred-foot bogey appeared on the radar due south of their position and started heading westward.

They probably didn't expect the orders to swing south to Mustique and pick up four passengers and their nuclear accelerators, though.

"Whooooeee." The Hornet pilot shakes his head, squinting out the jet's window. "That Gozer guy's hauling some serious ass."

"No more than we are," says Ray. He's trying not to let the jet's motions get to him. Ray's all right with flying, but small planes move around far too much for his liking, and even a full-sized multipurpose fighter like the Hornet still qualifies as 'small' compared to the beasts that take off from La Guardia. "We're all in the same boat this time."

"Yeah, but I've got a jet to do it with," the pilot points out. "That guy's about as aerodynamic as a brick. Hey, how's your passenger holding up back there?"
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