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Sleep at the Firehouse was a rare and wondrous thing sometimes, what with general business in the city, the time zone difference between the Lemurian embassy and New York, and the usual general chaos. Ray had taken to napping in random chairs when he couldn't sneak away to Milliways or Romana's TARDIS for his sleep.

Unfortunately, this didn't always work as well as he might hope. He jerked awake from his nap to a truly overwhelming smell of pistachio nuts and ectoplasm. "Slimer," he said without opening his eyes, "that had better not be you."


"Am I going to have to start buying diet snack food for everyone in the firehouse? Because I'll do it if you wake me up after an unscheduled snack one more time."

"Gfranghn nnbbhl whf bnagn."

Ray cracked open one eye. "Seriously?"

The blob- which did indeed have pistachio nuts between its teeth- nodded vigorously.

"And Egon hasn't intervened?"

"Nazzl shibbn franga fnnn."

Ray ran a hand over his face. "You'd think Peter would just buy his own. Or that Janine would use that taser I know she keeps in her desk..."

From downstairs there came a sound of tremendous clattering, as one might expect from a high speed collision of human and furniture.

"Screw this. Iim going to Milliways," Ray decided.
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