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Until we either develop a cast list on Google Drive or put up a back room post that we use to show taken characters, I'm listing every pup I approve per month here along with their fandom. I'm also going to try to put pups I see active in Milliways here and maybe deletions and retirements.

Feel free to correct this information in a comment or to ping me with pups that need to go up here. Comments will be screened in the event of requests for player anonymity.


Bioshock (1, 2, and Infinite):

Eleanor Lamb, [personal profile] just_a_chemical - Contact via private message
Booker DeWitt, [personal profile] bet_on_the_river - Contact via private message

DC Universe:

Raven (Teen Titans cartoon), [personal profile] neverm0re

Elder Scrolls:

Sheogorath, [personal profile] sithis_shaped

Grease (movie):

Mrs. Murdock, [personal profile] is_the_motion

Hannibal (tv show):

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, [personal profile] cook_the_rude
Alanna Bloom, [personal profile] patterns_bloom
Will Graham, [personal profile] collects_strays - Contact via contact post

Les Miserables:

Jean Valjean, [personal profile] road_to_calvary
Javert, [personal profile] never_shall_yield
Enjolras, [personal profile] pro_patria_mortuus
Grantaire, [personal profile] the_obverse
Eponine Thenardier, [profile] the_rudderless
Madame Thenardier, [profile] la_femme_soldat
Thenardier, [personal profile] le_sergent
Fantine, [personal profile] dreamed_a_dream

Marvel Universe:

Mark Allan/Molten Man, [personal profile] moltenman

Once Upon A Time:

Peter, [personal profile] notthewolf


Sasha Nein, [personal profile] for_good_taste

Repo! The Genetic Opera:

Amber Sweet, [personal profile] addicted_to_the_knife

Robin Hood (2010 movie):

Robin Longstride, [personal profile] lambs_become_lions

Speed Racer (movie):

Inspector Detector, [personal profile] inspector_blueeyes

Ultraviolet (British TV series):

Father Pearse J. Harman, [personal profile] witchfinder_general


Carlotta Brown, [personal profile] fiery_ring; Enid Brown's St. Clair's series; retired Feb. 2014
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