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Ray pulls the door open, a bundle of books under one arm. "Evening, Danny," he says as Egon shoulders his way past him. "How's it going?"
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From here.

The door looked quite normal enough from the outside, if one were to ignore the fact that the sign hanging on it read IF YOU ATTEMPT TO ENTER THIS ROOM YOU WILL BE SHOT - UNLESS YOU'RE ON THE SHIFT ROSTER- PEDO MELLON A MINNO. Ray had to set the big red toolbox down to get the door open; he stopped, pulled out a belt from the box, and handed it to Harper. "Put this on and activate it," he said. "In case the shielding fails and he comes at you, he'll regret it. The energy field it generates does a number on ghosts like you wouldn't believe."
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Ray led the way down the corridor, past the residential rooms, and stopped in front of the otherwise unassuming door marked '2342'. He glanced over his shoulder to Michael. "He's not going to be in the trap," he said. "Getting you in and up to him's going to be tricky, assuming he doesn't try to kill you outright. The shielding layer in front of you won't switch off until the one behind you is turned on, unless I have to drop multiple shields and open proton fire on him, which I'm praying I won't have to do."

He took a piece of paper from his pocket and stuck it to the door: IF YOU ATTEMPT TO ENTER THIS ROOM YOU WILL BE SHOT.

"Okay," he said. "I'm ready if you are."
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