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I don't know if any of you guys are still out there, but I know over the past year I've had the occasional indicator of interest from people reading this journal who may or many not read Ray's Milliways posts. This is addressed to you guys.

I'm sorry it took me so long to finish the October plot and set up Gozer vs. Cthulhu. I'm also sorry that I decided to convey the ending of that plot to Milliwaysers in a purely IC fashion, rather than writing it up as an OOM. Since I know the possibility exists that some of you may be interested in seeing how it ended, I'd like to point you at the threads where Ray tells his Milliways friends exactly what happened instead.

Ray tells Tyler Marlocke

Ray tells Annabelle Newfield

I'd been planning to end it this way for months, but couldn't figure out how to write it properly, so this seemed like the best way to convey it without blowing the whole thing. Thank you for your patience, and I'll do my best not to pull this on you again.
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Okay, folks. I know that a lot of you guys are from different time zones and have differing availability schedules, so I wanted to work out the timing for the Raiders of the Lost Warehouse plot ahead of schedule. I'm in American Eastern Time, generally available at a slow rate during most days and at a normal rate after about eight PM. Sunday night and Wednesday or Thursday night (I haven't worked it out yet this week) are bad for me until about 11 PM.

What's everybody's schedule like, and what are people's preferences for this? There's going to be stuff on a fairly mystic magic-slingy level, there's probably going to be plenty of room for hand-to-hand and other combat primarily against humans, and there's probably going to be room for Team Sneak In And Take Stuff, too, whether Ray knows it just yet or not. I'm flexible. Talk to me about what you want, and we'll get it ready.



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