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Monday, June 9, 2008
14 North Moore St
Late Afternoon

The Firehouse door opened and Ecto rolled into the garage. Ray, who had been waiting at the upstairs window since his trip up to Hellfighter headquarters, bolted for the nearest pole. "Ecto! How'd it go? Are you okay?"

"It's okay, Daddy, I'm fine," Ecto said. Her voice betrayed a certain amount of fatigue, but she managed a happy flicker of the blue scanner. "I don't have to go back tomorrow."

"The SEC's done with you? That's great! ... at least, I hope it is," Ray added hastily. "That was a 'we're done with you' don't come back, not a 'we'll be seeing you in a month once we have all our lawyers in a row' don't come back, right?"

"Uh huh." The car sagged a little. "It's all done. They couldn't find any American laws that I broke anywhere."

"Good," said Ray. "Very good. Did they say anything else?"

"The one lady said that if I ever changed my mind about working for you guys I could go a really long way working for the SEC directly," Ecto answered. "They don't have a whole lot of investigators who know every single financial law and regulation by heart, let alone remember 'em all."

"Somehow I really couldn't see you working for the Treasury department," Ray said. "Except maybe the Secret Service. You'd make a great bodyguard."

The car's engine revved briefly, a noise almost but not quite equivalent to a laugh. "I guess so," she said. "Daddy?"


"Can we have a vacation, please?" she said in a small voice. "Just a couple of days? Those guys were nasty."

Ray thought about it a moment, then nodded. "Let me talk to Venkman and the others, but I think we can arrange something. Wanna go up to the Catskills for a bit, like we did after you first found out you could stand up?"



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